Player Ratings and Rankings

As of January 1, 2017, Table Tennis ACT (TTACT) moved from its own internal system for player ratings to the more widely used "Ratings Central" system.   Ratings Central is an online rating system that provides detailed and accessible information on TTACT events, matches, results, ratings and rankings. It will produce ratings for TTACT competition players, allowing them to find out how they rank within the club, within Australia and on an international level.

The initial ratings of players at the start of the 2017 autumn competition are only approximate for many players.  These ratings will become more accurate as the season progresses as additional match results are incorporated into Ratings Central. Results from pennant matches and TTACT sanctioned tournaments such as the ACT Open and ACT Closed will be submitted to ratings central.

Click on the links below for details of players' ratings and how the rating systems work.
    - Current ratings (Ratings Central)
    - How the Ratings Central system works

    - Old TTACT ratings (discontinued after 2016)
    - How the old TTACT rating's system worked (discontinued after 2016)