TTACT Life Members

Life Membership is the highest honour that can be bestowed by TTACT upon an individual for longstanding and valued service to the sport of table tennis in the Australian Capital Territory. Underlining how prestigious this award is, only 24 people were awarded TTACT Life Membership in the club's first 50 years.

How is Life Membership Granted

Any Member may recommend a person for Life Membership by notice in writing to the Board.  A recommendation to the Table Tennis ACT Board must include a written report outlining the history of services of the nominee. The Board also may recommend to the Annual General Meeting that any natural person who has rendered long and distinguished service to the Association or the Sport be appointed as a Life Member.

A person may only be appointed a Life Member only by Special Resolution put to an Annual General Meeting by the Board.



 John Brockwell

Tony Kolleth 

Arthur Wilks ASM OAM

Mark Hurst

Gerry Van Apeldoorn 

 Jeff Plumb 

Ivo Astolfi

Rob Crowdy 

 Rosanna Horn OAM 

Song Chen

*Table Tennis Australia Life Member 2016



Dr. Colin Barnard

Alan Daw

Glenys Joliffe ASM OAM 

Clive Smith 

Ray Jolliffe

Tony Coates 

Bernie Katz

Bob McEwan

Zak Kozakiewicz

Jim Scanlan

Brian Thorpe

Eric Ingevics

Frank  Bishop

Ted Tudor