Table Bookings

Bookings should be in 1 hour blocks and iclude the name(s) of all other users. Players playing each other are not to book consecutive hours to in effect book for 2 hours. Bookings made for more than 1 hour may be deleted. Please refer to our table booking policy here. To make a booking:

  1. Make sure you are logged in (top right should say "LOG OUT" not "LOG IN").
  2. Start with "Venue Availability", which shows all tables, 1 day at a time, to make sure a table is free at the time you want. Make note of the table and time.
  3. Click back in the browser (or click on Bookings in the top menu).
  4. In the "0 Kingston" drop down click "Book this item". Click the relevant table check box, set date, start/finish times and click "Next" then "Confirm Booking".

Please cancel your booking if you make a mistake, or cannot make the booked time. Click "Account" then "My Bookings" to cancel.

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