Pin Code Access

Please email to request a pin access code for Kingston (see pin pad in image below).  You may suggest a 6 digit number or one wil be generated for you.  Please allow up to 3 working days for a PIN to be issued. Available only to TTACT members

Book a Table

Available only to TTACT members between 9am and 9pm.  Please be considerate of other members and do not book more times or days than required. Please cancel your booking if you cannot make the booking time.

Bookings should be in 1 hour blocks and include the name(s) of all other users.  Players playing each other are not to book consecutive hours to in effect book for 2 hours.  Bookings made for more than 1 hour may be deleted.  

Please see Kingston Venue timetable when table booking may be made ie Open Practice.  Bookings may not be made during Seniors Social Play, Pennant or Group Coaching.  Go here

The Kingston Centre has reverse cycle air conditioning and ventilation boxes to improve player comfort. 


The centre has 2 air conditioners that members can turn off and on using the remote control located in the middle of the seating / viewing area (near court 3).  The remote must be returned to its 'holder' when not in use.  The air conditioner must not be on if a door is open/ajar.  The air conditioner should be turned off when no longer needed.  The temperature of the centre should be based on player comfort and not spectators i.e. in winter, players will prefer the centre to be cooler than people just watching.  

Air Quality

TTACT installed 4 Ventilation Systems (4 white boxes on the walls) to improve air quality and playing conditions (reduces humidity) when doors are closed.  The systems automatically return to lowest speed after 1-2 hours.  Members can increase the speed by pushing the buttons to increase air flow.  You can find out how the boxes work here.

Member Responsibilities

All members have a responsibility to help manage the heating and ventilation of Kingston Centre for the comfort of players and to be as energy efficient as possible.  The following guidance is provided:

.  members may turn heating / cooling on - ensure no doors are open, return control to holder.

.  members should turn heating/cooling off when no longer necessary eg when centre has reached areasonable temperature, nearing end of session eg pennant.

.  if you are closing centre at end of day, check that heater/cooler is turned off.


The Kingston Venue has a HeartSine 350P defibrillator kit located near Court #3.  Thank you to Icon Water for $3000 sponsorship in 2020, with $1000 contributing to the new defibrillator.   

It is important that all members contribute to the management and safety of the Club.  There are three information sheets attached to the wall beside the cabinet with helpful information. Please watch below video that goes for 3 minutes and shows how to use it:

The cabinet is 'Alarmed' and it is set to make a noise when someone opens the cabinet door. This is intended to alert all others in the building if opened for use in an emergency. 

 Members are asked to check for the green light which flashes about every 4 seconds. Email immediately if you see it flash red instead of green.