The Club runs Group Coaching sessions throughout the week and has Private Coaching available.

Coaching time sessions are provided on Venue timetable. See here 

Group Coaching

Group Coaching is an excellent way to keep fit, learn the fundamentals, and improve your table tennis skills.  The Club's Head Coach runs numerous sessions throughout the week that cater to beginners to more experienced players.  Group coaching sessions are provided for adults (4 sessions per week), Juniors (3 sessions per week), Para (2 sessions per week), and Females only (1 session per week).   Members may participate in multiple sessions per week.  You do not need to register, just turn up 5 minutes before start of session.   

Head Coach

Table Tennis ACT has employed a full-time Head Coach - George Logothetis.  Email: or Phone: 0414 135 091  

"I am 49 years old, originally from Greece, member of the Greek National Team for 6 years and a Greek champion for 10 years in every age group, since I started table tennis when I was six. Then I was in the sport as a volunteer (Athens Olympics), an official (secretary of the Greek Federation for 5 years) and a coach (studying in the Greek University of Physical Education with a major in table tennis). I have been living in Australia for almost 7 years and I was coaching in Melbourne at Loops, Townsville at TTTA. I am a level 3 coach in the Australian scheme and level 2 in ITTF."

George was awarded Table Tennis Australia's Community Coach of the Year in 2022.  See here.


Group Coaching sessions are paid for through Coaching Hours.  Coaching Hours are purchased through the shop tab - see here. The more hours you purchase the cheaper the cost per hour. Coaching hours may be shared between family members but not between friends.  Coaching hours are to be used within 12 months of purchase.   

Coaching - 10 hours $90 ($9 per hour)

Coaching - 20 hours $150 ($7.50 per hour)

Coaching - 50 hours $300 ($6 per hour)

Coaching - 100 hours $500 ($5 per hour)

Junior Group Coaching - Junior Coaching is an effective way to introduce and develop your child's skills and enjoyment of playing Table Tennis.  Sessions involve warm-up, footwork, and table tennis techniques. Participants learn the foundation of Table Tennis e.g., stance, grip, forehand, backhand, serving, how to play with spin, and how to play games with strategies. Coaches demonstrate techniques such as how to drive, push, smash, flip, serve, top spin, and loop the ball. Participants learn to play and develop skills with children of similar abilities.

Table Tennis ACT has a Player Development Pathway and Tips for Parents

Adult Group Coaching - Adult Coaching is better than a gym fitness class and much more fun.  

Female Group Coaching Session - Table Tennis ACT is keen to introduce more women to the sport of table tennis.  This female-only group coaching session may be just what you are looking for. 

Invitational Group Coaching Session - Head Coach George Logothetis invites players (Adults and Juniors) to participate in an invitational session.  Participants are selected by George based on ability (rating); commitment (attendance at other group coaching sessions - junior, adult, and Para); and attitude (positive TTACT team culture).   

Para Group Coaching - The sessions are modified to suit various levels of physical and intellectual disabilities. Please contact Rosanna if you would like to know more about our Para Program.  Email: The Saturday session is free to members i.e. does not require the purchase of Coaching Hours.  Head Coach: George Logothetis (TTA Level 3 and ITTF Level 2) assisted by Patrick Horn (Level 1) and Rosanna Horn (TOPS). 

Private Coaching - 1 on 1 commercial coaching

This is an arrangement between the individual player and coach. The club does not endorse or recommend any particular coach and is not liable for any issues or injuries that may arise.  Commercial Coaches must book tables through the TTACT website and pay a $10 per hour table hire fee.  Coaches must not move tables. Below is the list of accredited coaches and their direct contact numbers who currently offer private coaching to TTACT members:

   George Logothetis (TTA Level 3 and ITTF Level 2) - 0414 135 091

   Binesh Khaniya (TTA Level 3 and ITTF Level 2) - 0451 621 059

   Larry Lim (TTA Level 1) - 0400 628 685

   Wen Ung (TTA Level 2) - 0434 563 412

   Stephen Phan (TTA Level 1) - 0402 843 886

   Song Chen (TTA Level 1) - 0424 326 100

   Erika Yong (TTA Level 1) - 0493 101 686

All ACT Table Tennis Coaches are required to have up to date Spinneroos, TOPS, Level 1, or higher, qualifications and a valid Working with Vulnerable People card.

Please email if you need more details