Table tennis offers a great way to bond with other people while you stay fit and active.  There are many benefits to seniors playing table tennis including: improved balance, improved reflexes, mental sharpness and making new friends.  The Club offers a minimum of 2 mornings of social table tennis for seniors each week.  To play Social Seniors, people must 1. join the club (membership plus venue fee) and 2. register for Social Seniors.    

Social Seniors is offered Monday and Thursday mornings (9am to 12 noon).  All members are welcome (all ages and all abilities), however most people attending are over 55. 

The method of payment for Social Seniors is changing in 2024.  Instead of paying for different options there is now just one Fee.

This is $50 for the whole year.

There is no Concession on this Fee (there is a concession available on Membership).

Members are to register for "Social Seniors " through the website's event page.

Other Information

1)  Access ONLY to the Kingston venue is via PIN Code. There will be no Open access and the door must not be wedged open.

2)  Guests of members are charged $10 per day and requests are made by emailing as well as paying at the venue using the "Square" terminal. This Option is only available to non-members twice, after that it is expected the person will become a Member of the Club if they want to keep attending the Social Seniors

3)  Balls will be provided as well as coffee and tea.  Volunteers from the "Seniors Group" will be sought to assist here.

4)  Volunteer coaching may be offered.

5)  Private coaching will be allowed.

6)  The type of play is to be decided by the Seniors, ie, singles or doubles, 11 points, 21 points or 31 points.

7)  On the rare occassion, Social Seniors will not be on due to the Kingston Venue being used for another purpose eg painting or training camp.