Step 1/6: Let's get started
Step 1/6: Let's get started

2024 Club Fees 

To Join (for new members) or Renew (existing members) please read the instructions below then click on the buttons at the bottom of the page.

Club membership runs to the 31st of  December each year. At the end of May joining fees were reduced by $100 (i.e. pro-rata to reflect 7 months remaining in year).  Note, some Club activities have an additional cost (see below list). For more details on these club activities, see here.  

STEP 1: Choose Competition or Social Membership (July-Dec 2024: Not required)

Membership covers Venue Access (Kingston, Tuggeranong, Shirley Smith High School (Kenny) and Alfred Deakin High School; Affiliation to Table Tennis Australia (TTA); and Insurance.

For previous social members, You may change from a Social Member to a Competition Member at any time upon requests (for $25).

Competition Membership $310 (1 January to 31 December).  Now $155 (1 July to 31 December ). For players who play TTACT Pennant or any TTA affiliated state/national event.

Social Membership $285 (1 January to 31 December). Not applicable (Table Tennis Australia fees have been reduced for half yearly membership, so all new members can be full i.e. competition members)


Club Activity 

Competition Member

Social Member

Group Coaching

Yes. Buy ‘Coaching Hours'

Yes. Buy ‘Coaching Hours'

George’s Saturday Social Competition

Yes. $10 per competition

Yes. $10 per competition

Kingston Social Play and Open Practice

Yes. No additional cost

Yes. No additional cost

Social Seniors Monday and Thursday

Yes. $50 Annual Fee

Yes. $50 Annual Fee.

Tuesday Morning 

Yes. $25 Annual Fee 

Yes. $25 Annual Fee 

Tuggeranong Social Play

Yes. No additional Cost

Yes. No additional Cost


Yes.  $90 per 10 week Pennant



STEP 2: Check if you are eligible for a discount* - Applies to Venue Access ($130) only. 

  • Full-Time Student: Full Time Students can get a 20% discount. Please enter the code "Student2024" when registering.

  • Family: If 2 or more children (under 18) in the one family join, each member of the family unit receives  a 20% discount. Please enter the code "Family2024" for ALL family members (adults/carers and children) when registering.

  • Concession: Government Concession cardholders get a 30% discount. A list of valid concession cards is here. A Seniors Card is NOT a valid concession card. Please enter the code "Concession2024" when registering.

  • University Student:  Students who are existing members of ANU and UC Table Tennis get a 50% discount.  Please enter the code "University2024" when registering.  

* If you claim a discount you are not eligible for you will be charged a $50 correction fee plus the difference.  

Membership and Venue Fee

Total (No Discount)

20% Discount

30% Discount

50% Discount


Social (N/A)












STEP 3:  Click on the buttons below to register

Payment is via credit card. Note: Registration is not complete if payment is NOT made.

If you have any questions or want more information please contact us at: