Table tennis is a fun way to stay fit and active.  The Club offers a morning of social table tennis for singles and doubles play each week.  To play Tuesday Morning , people must 1. join the club to become a member and 2. register for Tuesday Morning.    

Tuesday Morning is offered 9am to 12 noon.  All members are welcome (all ages and all abilities).       

Singles is encouraged.  Games are first to 11 points (win by 2).  Players are encouraged to mix and match. The session is held just before Adult Group Coaching on Tuesday (12-2pm).  Members are encouraged to register and play Tuesday Morning as a lead in to Group Coaching. Doubles may also be played.

The fee is $25 for the whole year.

There is no Concession on this Fee.

Members are to register for "Tuesday Morning" through the website's event page.

Other Information

1)  Access ONLY to the Kingston venue is via PIN Code. There will be no Open access and the door must not be wedged open.

2)  Guests of members are charged $10 per day and requests are made by emailing as well as paying at the venue using the "Square" terminal. This Option is only available to non-members twice, after that it is expected the person will become a Member of the Club if they want to keep attending the Tuesday Morning.

3)  On the rare occassion, Tuesday Morning will not be on due to the Kingston Venue being used for another purpose eg painting or training camp.