If you are not yet a member, there are a few ways to 'Come and Try'  

1.  Attend a free Group Coaching Session.  There is no need to book or register just turn up 5-10 minutes before the session and introduce yourself to one of our fabulous coaches - George (Head Coach) and Binesh (Assistant Coach). There are 4 sessions for Adults - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday at Kingston and Wednesday at Shirley Smith High School, Kenny (Gungahlin).  For venue timetable see here  Please check venue timetable for any changes in schedule eg during school holidays the schedule is often changed.  

2.  Spinneroos.  If you have a child 5-12 years who would like to try table tennis, we recommend Spinneroos.  Spinneroos is an 8-week program held each School Term and is specifically tailored to younger children.  For more information see here.

3.  Tweens and teens If you have a child 10-17 years who would like to try table tennis we recommend Junior Coaching. This works the same as Adult Coaching but for Juniors.  There are 4 sessions for Juniors - Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at Kingston and Wednesday at Shirley Smith High School, Kenny (Gungahlin).  Arrive 5-10 minutes before start of session. First session is free.  For children aged 10-12 the coaches can advise whether Spinneroos or Junior Coaching would be best to start with your child.  You may wish to discuss with the Head Coach George Email: george@tabletennisact.org.au or Phone: 0414 135 091  

4.  Seniors.  If you are over 55 and would like to play socially, Social Seniors on Monday and Thursday (doubles only), Tuesday (singles and doubles) at Kingston may be for you (play is between 9am and noon).  Please email harryhovasapian@gmail.com if you woudl like to attend.  One session free.    

5.  Pay as you go.  You may play casually (walk-ins) at:

Tuggeranong on Sundays 1-4pm.  See information on venue here

Shirley Smith High School, Kenny (Gungahlin) on Wednesday and Friday nights.  See information here.