Table Tennis Australia

TTA handles personal information in accordance with the TTA Privacy Policy. Although TTA does not currently provide any personal information to external parties and has no intention of providing any personal information to external parties in the future, by ticking the box below, I do not consent to my personal information being provided to any third parties that are not affiliated with TTA, TTA insurers, professional advisers (e.g. accountants, auditors, lawyers, etc.) and relevant sporting bodies (e.g. Sports Australia)

Table Tennis ACT

By joining this club, and using its facilities, you agree to abide by the Constitution of the Table Tennis ACT Association, its by-laws and policies including Code of Conduct and Member Protection Policy, as well as Board requirements.  TTACT is entirely run by volunteers.  Members and guests of Members agree they will not disparage the Board, the Club or any other member of Table Tennis ACT.

TTACT Constitution, policies and guidelines are readily available on this website and membership implies you have familiarised yourself with their content.  See here for more details.  This agreement includes parents and guardians signing on behalf of juniors and members of the public accessing Table Tennis ACT premises and events.  If your membership includes Kingston Access you may contact and request a Pin Access number of 6 digits.  

Members may not bring non-members into the club to play at Kingston before seeking permission from the Board by emailing  Non-members are encouraged to play at Tuggeranong or the Kenny  venues where volunteers are available to collect per visit fees.  Non-members who do not pay a per visit fee are not insured, are taking advantage of members and volunteers, and when identified will be asked to leave immediately.