2024 TTACT Summer Pennant
Mon 05 Feb 2024 18:00 — Thu 11 Apr 2024 23:00

Event information

Registrations for this event are not currently available.


TTACT would like to inform you that the entries are open for the 2024 Summer Pennant.

The pennant will start the week commencing Monday 5 February 2024 and end the week ending 12 April 2024 (9 weeks plus finals week).



Due to Kingston facility availability, the Summer pennant will be restricted to three divisions only with a maximum of 30 full time players each division, resulting in a maximum of 90 full time pennant players.  The Divisions will be Division B on Monday night, Division A on Tuesday night and Division C on Thursday night.

Each player’s Ratings Central points as at 31 December 2023 and along with team member preferences will used by the pennant committee when considering division and team allocation.

Please check your points before nominating your division preference in the online entry form. Approximate RC points for each division are:

  • Division A Tues night: above 1150 (3 person teams – maximum of 30 players)
  • Division B Mon night: 851 to 1150 (3 person teams – maximum of 30 players)
  • Division C Thurs night: 850 and below (3 person teams – maximum of 30 players)

Format of competitions:

  • Matches will be played at the Kingston Table Tennis Centre.
  • All matches begin at 6.30pm unless there is agreement between captains for a different start time. Individual matches must start within 5 minutes of the end of the previous match.
  • White Plastic 40+ balls will be used (TTACT provides competition balls to each team captain at the beginning and during the competition as required, the home team supplies the balls for each round).
  • Players must not wear shirts, shorts or skirts whose main colour is white. Team shirts the same colour are highly recommended.

Note: The Competition Committee has the FINAL DECISION for allocating players into divisions and/or teams, as outlined in the TTACT Competition Committee Guide. If the competition is oversubscribed, the remaining players will be waitlisted.


Entry deadline to 11:59 PM Sunday 14 January 2024