$55,500 grant for Facility Feasibility Study

Published Thu 13 Jul 2023

The grant will fund McLaughlin Sports Consultancy to undertake the "TTACT Facility Feasibility and Preliminary Planning Project".  The project will include significant in-kind support from reimagined habitat, planning advice to identify appropriate sites, and will be managed by the TTACT Facilities Committee (Heather Tomlinson, Henrik Nielsen, Mark Groves and Michael Drage).  The Project has 4 stages and will be undertaken over the next 9 months.   

1. Needs Analysis
●     Clarify the need for and benefits of more and better quality places to play table tennis in the ACT, to current and future players, coaches ,officials, volunteers and spectators, and the broader ACT community.
●     Identify requirements for a ‘fit for purpose’ Table Tennis centre in the ACT, including building height, lighting and flooring, ventilation, parking, Table Tennis ACT office accommodation, catering and change room facilities; and recommend venue size.
2. Options Study
●      Assessment of all available options (stand-alone facility, multi-sport venues, shared use facilities) and explore site options to identify the most appropriate and feasible options to expand table tennis facilities in the ACT. 
●      Review environmentally sustainable / climate resilient and financially sustainable options in the design, construction and operations of a new, or enhanced facility.
3. Preliminary Facility Planning - Concept Design, Cost Plan and Management Model Analysis
●     Prepare concept design/s, high level cost plan for most feasible option/s, including varying environmental sustainability standards.
●     Identify next steps for detailed planning (detailed plans, document readiness, development application, detailed cost plan, source capital funding, site acquisition, facility development, facility management / operating model plan).
4. Comprehensive Facility Feasibility Study, Concept Planning and Management Analysis Report

A new TTACT Home Centre is essential to continue growing participation in our wonderful sport. TTACT would like to thank ACT Government Sport and Recreation and Minister Yvette Berry, for continuing to support the growth of table tennis in the ACT.     

In February 2023,  Tim Gavel Canberra's Sports Journalist, writes "Phenomenal growth of table tennis stretches Canberra facilities to the limit" Read RiotAct Article here